Why are root canals performed?

Root canals are performed when the deep interior portion of the tooth – the pulp, where the tooth's nerves and blood supply are located – becomes infected, decayed or damaged. Root canal therapy was developed to remove the damaged pulp of the tooth so the tooth can be preserved and an extraction can be avoided.

How does Bluecare Dental help patients avoid the deep decay that can increase the need for more extensive treatments like root canal?

At Bluecare Dentals, we focus on comprehensive examinations and evaluations of teeth, including their interiors, to help spot issues in their very earliest stages so more extensive damage can be avoided. We believe in using a more conservative approach whenever possible, providing the most in-depth examinations to ward off decay, infection and damage in all areas of the tooth so root canal can be avoided whenever possible.

Can I simply have the tooth extracted?

You can, but in general, it's almost always better to preserve the tooth when possible. A single lost tooth can cause bone atrophy, weakening the roots of neighboring teeth and causing a “domino effect” of additional tooth loss over time. Using innovative technology to treat deep decay helps preserve both the affected tooth and the teeth surrounding it.